Burner phones and dollars bills:

Ora aqui temos:

Gan, who U.S. prosecutors said operated a tight ring with another Chinese money broker, was apprehended in November 2018 by Homeland Security Investigations agents at Los Angeles International Airport on his way to Mexico from Hong Kong. The U.S. government said that Gan had moved anywhere from $25 million to $65 million in illicit drug proceeds from 2016 to the time of his arrest, according to a September court filing by Gan’s attorneys.


E como é este dinheiro lavado?  300 milhões de euros e, sim, incluindo Portugal. Se é via vistos Gold ( imobiliário) ou de outra forma qualquer  não sei, mas nisto do narcotráfico Portugal tem sempre um lugar especial:

Having established an infrastructure to successfully launder significant amounts of money, the Chinese network also offered money laundering and international remittance services to other organised crime groups in exchange for the payment of a negotiated percentage of the laundered funds. The Chinese network had contacts in various EU Member States including Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal and the United Kingdom. The group also operated several clothing factories in the vicinity of Madrid where Chinese labourers were exploited.


Pedir aos nossos media que se interessem por isto é pedir a lua, eu sei.

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